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Prepping for Weather is a Daily Concern

Preparing for weather is a constant task. The weather not only affects your schedule and your choice of clothing, but on occasion prepping for weather it is a vital matter of safety.

Extreme weather, either borne of seasonal variations of nature or induced by ongoing climate change, is a threat to life and property. The National Oceanic and Atmospherice Administration lists weather events since 1980 damaging at least $1 billion in property. It has compiled a list, from 1940 to 2017, of fatalities by types of storm event: it says there has been a 10-year average of 95 flood-related deaths and 97 heat-related deaths.

Below are stories and posts that AbundanceOutfitters has produced to help you prep for weather. Follow our hashtag #WeatherPrepping on Twitter to stay alert and ready.

Weather Radios

Weather Radios Help You Prepare for Emergencies

Dressing for Weather

Hooded Jackets Help You Dress in Layers

Weather Forecasting and Climate Monitoring

Interactive Climate Hazard Map Launched by National Weather Service
Jan. 5, 2019

First Aid and other Prepping Skills

Prepping for Cold Weather Fights Off Frostbite
Dec. 23, 2018

Effects of Weather

National Parks in NC close, reduce hours during Florence
Sept. 16, 2018

*Updated – Austin ends boil water notice
Oct. 28, 2018
Flooding overwhelms water purification system of Austin, Texas

Camp Fire News and Public Safety Advisories
November, 2018
Extremely dry weather was a major factor in a wildfire that destroyed much of Butte County, California.

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