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Prep Camping

Camping and Hiking Renews You

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Being close to nature gives you fresh air to breath, fueling the improved physical activity of your exercise. But that clean air also cleanses your mind. Not only does it release beneficial hormones into your blood and brain, but the quietude soothes you. Grounding yourself, escaping from the city’s chaos and communing with nature reminds you that you are part of creation, a worthy creature that lives alongside of the trees and under the sky. Being close to nature is its own reward.

This is a key premise of By providing information, links to activities, quality products and a chance to network through social media, seeks to make your outdoor experiences safer, more comfortable and more meaningful to you.

Camping as a Readiness Skill

Our Abundance Blog looks at opportunities and techniques of enjoying nature. But it does not view them through rose-colored glasses. We also monitor risks to our natural heritage and infrastructure.

We believe that if you develop good camping and hiking skills, including knots, first aid and food sanitation, you will be well-positioned to surmount the challenges of most emergency situations. If there is an extended power outage, you will have the equipment and the skills to meet basic human needs without utility-supplied electricity. If there is flooding, you will understand the importance of water purification, and have the tools and knowledge to follow best practices to keep your drinking water safe, clean and healthy.

Packing your backpack for a camping or hiking trip is a good exercise in organizing the essentials of life into a manageable space. A valuable technique is to have smaller bags or pouches for each type of items: a clothes bag; a food bag; a hygiene bag. It makes the trip much more enjoyable and efficient because your gear does not get mixed together. You find what you need almost immediately, especially if you use transparent pouches that show you everything inside.

Staying Hydrated, Clean Water

A thorough knowledge of the ways of water is one of the most important prepping skills that camping will give you. Three days without water is lethally dangerous. In camping you must be ready to supply yourself for hydration through regular drinking of clean water, for cooking and for hygiene. Carrying water can be heavy, and you will run out. So when you plan for camping, planning for water is a must.

Further, you of course must not drink water contaminated with pollutants or full of living microbes just waiting to invade your gut and make you miserable. Boiling water (a full rolling boil) for more than a minute is recommended by health authorities to kill the microbes. You may need a filter to remove other contaminants. Sometimes a clean cloth will get rid of debris (and all the germs that are on it but haven’t dislodged into the water), but other matter will need stronger filters. The best solution is good homework that assures you that you are drinking healthy water from a reliable source. These skills, honed in camping, could become life-savers in an emergency.

Hiking as Meditation and Exercise

Hiking is a journey. You can travel through familiar turf, getting to know just a little more about your surroundings every time you pass through. Of you can sojourn into new territory, adventuring and learning about totally new things about this great and wonderful planet.

Your thoughts while walking through the woods or an open field form your meditation. The gentle and natural rhythm of your footsteps falls in unison or in counterpoint to your breathing and your heartbeat. The contact of your foot with the path is an object of meditation, a knowing of the earth and a response to your intention of moving forward.

How easy it is to clear your mind when you are hiking. Every step takes just a little further from the problems and the clutter you have left behind. Every bend in the trail reveals a new vision of a bright future ahead of you. What an inviting and supportive temple the earth has provided you for your hiking meditation. wants you to enjoy your hike and be safe and comfortable. Respect nature and leave no trace behind, picking up only a sense of peace that you take out of the woods.


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