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Our selection of camping and emergency preparation supplies

Below are the major categories of supplies and provisions offered on Amazon.

Outdoor Clothing   
Fall Jackets – Hooded jackets to keep you warm. Waterproof rain gear to keep you dry. Camouflage for concealment or bright red to stand out from the forest background.
Men’s Pants – Deep cargo pants pockets to carry your smaller gear.
Women’s Pants – Well-fitted and comfortable. Hike in style.
Women’s Shirts – Stylish and weather ready.
Men’s Shirts – Durable and made for the outdoors.
Mens Hiking Boots – Durable and comfortable.
Womens Hiking Boots – Durable and comfortable. A variety of sizes.
Socks – Comfortable and safe for your feet. Good wicking to keep your toes dry.
Rain Gear – Stay dry with a range of waterproof and water resistant wear. Many items fold and pack easily.
Men’s Shorts – Stay cool, both weather-wise and stylishly.
Women’s Shorts – Stay cool, both weather-wise and stylishly. Good pockets for your smallest items.

Hiking – Poles and gear to make your trekking better.
Tents – Camping shelter for one person or for families. Waterproof with good ventilation.
Tarps – Vinyl tarps of different sizes, patterns and colors for customized tents or other covering uses.
Cooking – Pots, pans and the other utensils for campsite cooking.
Sleeping Bags – Stay warm and comfortable while you sleep. Many waterproof or water resistant. Many with hoods to keep your head warm.
Hammocks – For a comfortable sleep suspended between two trees.
Biking – Keep on rolling on your bicycle.
Bike Repair – … and keep that bicycle rolling with good maintenance.
Useful Gear – A range of utility equipment that solves problems at the camp or on the trail.

Health and Hygiene

Water Purification – Tablets and filtration to clean water. Kill germs and other pathogens for personal hygiene.
First Aid – Respirator masks to filter smoke, antibiotic ointment and first aid kits.
Nutritional Supplements, Quick Energy Food – Stay nourished with power bars and other trail and camp food.
Personal Hygiene – Stay healthy and clean. Sanitized wipes, camp toilets.
Water Containers – Clean jugs, water bricks and other vessels to seal in water for safety, sanitation and hydration.
Privacy Tents – Pop up tents for dressing, bathing and personal hygiene needs.

Off-Grid Power
Solar Power – Goal Zero systems and solar panels.
Batteries – Storage for electrical power. A vareity of voltages and wattage capacities.
Hand-Cranked or Pedal Power – Turn an electrical generator with your arms or with your legs and feet.
Wood-Fueled Heat & Power – Biolite products that produce heat and trick currents from small amounts of wood. Charge your phone while boiling water for tea, coffee or cooking.

72-Hour Prep
72-Hour Emergency Supply Packs – Bug-out bags with three days of supplies. Some for individuals, some for families.
Food Supplies – Freeze dried and other preserved options for the trail, camp or emergency site.

Stay Warm, Stay Dry – Waterproof blankets.

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