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Privacy Tents Pop Up In Camps For Showers, Changing Clothes, Hygiene

Pop-up privacy tents provide a convenient way to change clothes, take a shower or take care of hygiene when you are outdoors. In group settings they provide a safe and congenial place for your guests and the members of your family to conduct personal business in private.

Compact and portable they work well at camp sites, the beach and come in handy during an emergency. Pop-up tents fold into easy-to-carry containers, so they fit in a car or are suitable for carrying on foot moderate distances.

This article will help you make purchase decisions about the pop-up privacy tents that will provide you with the best benefit for you situation. Some links will take you to an Amazon page, where you can get more detail.

Typically about six and half feet tall and at least three by three of floor area, privacy tents fit easily into campground locations. Because of their small area, they can be erected onboard boats or on constricted areas, such as piers. Some are a little taller, for extra headroom.

Easy to place in a campsite

Placed several yards away from the main activity, they give a person room and privacy to wash, change or take care of personal needs. The most common uses are for showers and changing. They are also suitable as a camp latrine when used with a camp toilet seat. They can also be used to let very young children play while the parents are watching. Also, they could provide privacy for minor first aid and other health procedures. This could be especially useful as a designated first-aid tent for large gatherings.

If you are having a field day for ham radio or radio-controlled planes or drones, the waterproof nature of the small tents make an ideal, easy-to-transport waterproof shed for electronics. And sometimes the privacy tents are set aside to house portable camp toilets.

Useful in Emergencies

These privacy tents also fulfill very important roles during emergencies. If a family or group needs to relocate or if a group of friends have gathered in one location there are additional sanitation needs. Being lightweight and having small footprints, these privacy tents can be deployed quickly and nestled out of the way. Because most are not much bigger than four by four feet, they are easy to site in a nook or cranie. Although they are big enough inside to accommodate the basic hygiene functions, they are small enough on the outside that they can be tucked away behind other structures for additional privacy.

But most importantly in an emergency situation they show that the organizers of the emergency response understand and have made provision for sanitary needs. It directs people to a readily maintained area for hygienic reasons. Without them, people will begin to eliminate waste of all sorts where it is most convenient for them, which will add an endemic problem to the emergency you are facing. A bank of privacy tents can prevent this by providing people with at least the very basic facilities to take care of their needs with a level of privacy and dignity.

Although most of the uses are utilitarian, there is a very fine psychological effect for the privacy. For instance, it gives a sense of dignfied space for oneself. You do not have to worry about being caught in the background of someone’s photograph while you are dressing or carrying out other functions you wish to keep to yourself. Enclosing yourself in a privacy tent is a simple, polite and universally understood way of saying you want to be alone for a little while.

Safe field sanitation

Although there is limited space, there is still room for bags of soap, sanitizers and anything else on your personal hygiene list. A privacy tent will give you the intimacy and space to continue your normal and daily personal hygiene practices out of view from others. You can stay clean and healthy on her own terms and based on your own situation, either on a regular or an emergency basis.

Showering is a popular use for privacy tents. They typically have a vent or a window at the top if there is a water supply nearby; one simply slips a hose inside. You can put a shower head on the hose or just let it flow out to take a shower. There are also specialized shower bags that use the power of gravity to let the water rain down on you as you suds up. And, of course, you can just use a bucket. The pop up privacy tent works well for any of these personal cleaning options.

Women have reported loving pop up privacy tents for breastfeeding and pumping. With a campstool, a mother and her infant have the privacy they need for a feeding. There is room for a baby bag to keep towels and diapers close at hand as well. The larger tents would be suitable for changing the baby’s diapers.

Many people use the privacy tents for outdoor toilets. There are a number of camp stools and port-a-potties that fit inside and provide comfort as you practice hygiene in a dignified, sanitary fashion. Personal hygiene needs of many sorts can be performed inside. Further, many campers use special disposable bags or decomposition products, such as Poo Powder, and these are readily stored in a privacy tent.

Changing clothes

Another popular use for the tents is a private place to change clothes. Many tents come with clothes lines installed, so you have a convenient way to hang one set of clothes while putting on the other. Further, those clothes lines allow you to let bathing suits drip dry with some privacy. Hanging them inside may shield them from the sun, but it does provide a little security by concealing them from the public and making it harder for annoying bandits to snatch and steal them.

Easy to install, convenient to use

These portable privacy tent typically come with custom-designed carrying cases. These cases enclose the folded up tent in a compartment and protects them with a zippered closure. Often the handles on these cases are designed to double as backpack straps so that you can slip them over your shoulders and have your hands free to carry other items to the campsite or beach.

There are a few options for doors. Some have a simple flap that rolls up and is tied above or to the side of the opening. Let the fabric fall to close the door and gravity holds it up. Others rely on zippers. Some zip around the perimeter and others zip down the middle.

Good material and fabric

These pop-up tents enhance your privacy with fabrics and linings that eliminate shadow or silhouettes. The designs make sure that no back-lighting will cast an image of you through the walls of the tent; your shape or movements won’t be noticeable to those walking by.

Also, the fabrics use tough material. Ripstop nylon, which has extra strength fibers woven in at short intervals, will keep any small tear from growing into an uwelcome rip or opening.

The other feature shared by the pop-up tents is that there is usually no assembly required. Most have flexible steel rods inserted in small channels on the edges of the tent. When you release the tension, they pop into shape. Thus the name: pop-up privacy. These are the ones that provide instant access to a private space in a campground with ery little installation time or effort. But a few of the tents have poles that you place through loops; but because these are small, simple tents it is not a complicated matter and they do not take a lot of time to erect.

Campground Showering

Each tent accommodates the water supply for the showering slightly differently. The most usual configuration for remote locations is to have a shower bag hung above the person taking the shower.

Smaller bags can usually be hung from the struts, but you must take care no to overload the structures. For instance, a small shower bag of one gallon of less should be okay in almost all circumstances. But if you use larger bags, say a five-gallon bag, you should hang the bag from a sturdy tree branch and run a flexible tube from it through a window.

Alternate use as a blind for hunting, photography

Although they are almost never camouflaged, these privacy tents could be used as blinds for birdwatching or hunting. There are better products to use as a secretive blind in the wood or a field, but these tents, which their zipped down doors and windows, can used a substitutes. If you are in them for an hour or two, many animals will become used to them and ignore hour presence.

Best PopUp Privacy Tents

Let’s look at some of the compact privacy tents that are on the market. If you decide to purchase on that page, we will receive a commission at no additional charge to you.

Abco pop-up privacy tent

privacy tent, shower, camping, field sanitation, modelThe Abco pop-up privacy tent is a lightweight, efficient tent with basic features.

The tent comes in a very travel-friendly 23-inch by 2 inch carrying case weighing five pounds. Its compact folded-up size means it fits easily in all but the smallest of hatchback cars. Backpack-style straps allow a person to carry it on their back, leaving their hands free.

The Abco pops out to 47 inches by 47 inches (or 3.4 feet square floor area) and stands 75 incheas (or 6.3 feet tall). Its door flap rolls up and is tied off easily for open access, and gravity and zippers keep it shut. A window towards the top of the back wall can be opened for ventilation or to let in a shower hose. The fabric is silver coated polyester.

Inside an clothes line is built in to one side to dry clothes or towels. A storage bag is in the back to hold keys or other items.

WolfWise 6.6FT Portable Pop Up Shower Privacy Tent

Camp shower bagThis tall, WolfWise privacy tent stands out for its premium construction. Well-constructed with high-quality, waterproof taffeta 190T nylon polyester, its fabric has a silver coating on the interior that blocks 98 percent of harmfu ultraviolat rays. Yet it is still light and compact enough for trips to the beach; it folds to a circle of 23.6 inches in diameter.

The The frame is made of durable galvanized steel, both strong enough to withstand the elements and repeated use and flexible enough for easy installation. It comes with four metal mounting stakes for more stability in the wind.

At six and a half feet tall and floor space of roughly four feet by four feet, there is plenty of room for showering, changing clothes and sanitation, including use of a bathroom. It comes with an integrated clothesline for drying clothes. Its hanging storage pocuch gives a place to store smaller objects such as keys or phones.

EasyGo Giant Portable Popup

Camp shower bagUnlike most popups which are purposely designed to be compact, the EasyGo Giant Portable Pop up boasts two rooms. Each one is 4 feet deep and 3 feet 3 inches wide. So it is possible that two people could use it at once, with one showering and the other changing.

However the EasyGo has a zippered door between the chambers, which would open up the unit into one 7 and a half foot area. This permits one person to shower in one area and then move to the other to dry off and dress.

The interior has zippered windows that allow ventilation. There is also a towel bar and some utility pouches for storing soap or other items. The unit comes with removable floor mats. These can be taken outside where the user can shake off the sand or wash off the mud.

The EasyGo has a unique installation method. There is a knob at the top which, when pulled, activates the popup mechanisms. Pull it the tent up to open it and then stake it down. The poles can be adjusted. The unit comes with a carrying case with a strap and weighs nine pounds.


GigaTent Pop-Up Pod

privacy tentThe GigaTent is a tall six-foot, three-inch tent that weighs only three and a half pounds. Selling for around $25, it is also light on your wallet as well. It is made with high-quality polyester taffeta 190 T water-resistant coating.

This tent is used by photographers and and beachgoers for changes of clothes.

This tent comes with guy lines for stability. Also there are also sewn-on sand bag pockets to weight the tent down. These are handy if an extra strong wind comes along. There are also nylon loops sewn to the bottom edges if one wants to secure the tent with stakes.

MyDeal PopUp Room in a Bag

privacy tent, boat, water, swimming suit, modelThis PopUp Room in a Bag is a very lightweight, light footprint privacy tent that is designed for optimum use on a boat. It’s smaller, sleeker size allows you to place it on a deck or other area where space is at a premium. Most people will be able to use its 36 inch-by-36 inch area with ease.

The PopUp Room has an open top, so that people of all heights can fit in. But remember not to use it for privacy if there are people climbing up on the rigging of a sailboat or if there is a mezzanine above a pier.

The unit comes in a round, flat carrying case with a strap. To install you unfold and let the steel frame take shape.

It has two modes of securing itself to the surface. If you are on a boat or dock or other place where stakes are not a viable option you can use weight bags. But the stakes and the tie down lines provide other options.

At three pounds you will need to secure the PopUp Room in a Bag by tying it to a something stationary so that winds on the lake or sea do not blow it away.


Solar Shower Bag

If you plan to shower frequently in the tent you should have a shower bag with a shower head. Sure, the idea of putting a plastic milk jug above you and dumping the water may bring back memories of summer camp. But for repeated use you should consider more convenience and comfort.

Camp shower bagThe HelloTree camping shower solar bag holds as much as 20 liters (5.2 gallons). Some of the larger tents, such as the EasyGo Giant tent, would be strong enough to hold the bag full for a relatively long period. But a small tent such as the MyDeal PopUp Room in a Bag may not sustain it. It is generally considered a good idea to hang heavier bags from a nearby branch than from the frame of the pop up tent.

If you do this, run the hose with the shower head at the end through an opening of the tent and enjoy your shower.

There is another reason to keep the HelloTree shower bag outside the tent. The black material of the back is a very good solar heat absorber. This means you will have a small solar collector where ever you go delivering a refreshing warm, if not hot, shower when the sun is shining.

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