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Flooding and rain forecasts for the coming week prompt warnings

Heavy rain is forecast for the more populated areas of Texas in the coming week and above average rain is expected throughout the East prompting alerts for flooding. (See map below or click on image above.)

The National Weather Service’s Climate Hazard Map shows an area of heavy precipitation ranging from the Dallas-Forth Worth area down to Houston and Galveston.

The Austin area is in the rain zone. The city last October experienced flooding from rains that littered its reservoir with debris and caused a city-wide boil water alert.

The rains in the middle of the US have already given rise to concerns of more flooding along the Mississippi River.

Floods have created safety hazards for kayakers and campers, so it is important to choose the location, type and timing of outdoor activities carefully.

Weather Radios Important

It is important to stay abreast of weather news. A wind-up weather radio is designed to provide such information even if power from the grid is lost or batteries have become exhausted.

Climate Map

The National Weather Service established it Climate Hazard Map at the beginning of the year.

The green in the map below shows the range of rain predicted; the darker the shade of green the heavier the rain forecasted. The blue indicates low temperatures.

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Source: NOAA National Weather Service National Prediction Center Two-Week Hazard Outlook Map prepared May 3

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