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Emergency Preparedness

Be Safe, Any Emergency, Any Where, Any Time

The infrastructure of our society and economy is under increasing stress.  Despite the efforts of many good planners, engineers and workers of all sorts, increased demands on electrical power, water works, flood control facilities are often outpacing their ability to keep up in a reliable fashion.

Also, given increasingly extreme variabilities caused by climate change, even infrastructure that normally functions well can become overwhelmed by shocks to the system. A case in point was the week-long boil water notice in Austin, Texas, that followed floods that reduced the capacity of its municipal water processing plants.

Further, evacuation and shelter plans are important when wildfires or other catastrophic events devastate a community. The town of Paradise in Butte County, California, was almost totally destroyed by the Camp Fire that began November 8. Shelters sprang up in churches, schools, fairgrounds and even the parking lots of retailers. But problems arose as a novovirus outbreak sickened more than 100 in one shelter. A Walmart in Chico that had permitted first-phase staging of evacuees asked them to leave after a week, saying that a parking lot is not a viable long-term shelter situation.

Please give thought to where you would evacuate to in the event of a catastrophe and conduct drills traveling and living there. We believe that camping is a good prep activity. But we also hope that you will enjoy the many other benefits and pleasures of camping as well. wants you to be safe and secure in emergency situations.  We encourage you to seek out experienced and well-informed emergency planners in your area and learn best practices of emergency preparedness.



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